In January 2016, Laid Bare Records was launched to provide another platform to showcase acts who have performed at Laid Bare, and get their music out there! And we have since released 'Moon Songs'  the debut EP by Chris Belson, 'Born Lucky' the debut album by William Poyer, and 'Stencils', the second EP by Luke Carey, which reached #2 in the iTunes Chart.

Chris Belson - Moon Songs

1. Children (feat. L. Marini)

2. The Planets Align

3. Come to the Window (feat. S. Duncan)

4. Dogs Are Howling at the Moon (feat. S. Duncan)

5. Without You Again

Released January 2016. ℗ 2016 Laid Bare Records.

Buy on iTunes here

William Poyer - Born Lucky

1. Devil on the Floor

2. Two Days Later

3. In Desperate Need

4. Didn’t Find Luck

5. Makings of a Man

6. Feel the Truth

7. The Liars the Bitches the Crooks & the Thieves

Released April 2016. ℗ 2016 Laid Bare Records.

Buy on iTunes here

Luke Carey - Stencils EP

1. Jumped the Gun

2. Buckledownknucklehead

3. God Might Forgive in a Day

4. Something I've Found

5. Dream So Much

Released November 2016. ℗ 2016 Laid Bare Records.

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And in December 2016, we launched 'Laid Bare Selection - Volume One', the first in a series of compilation albums featuring some of the incredible acts who have performed with Laid Bare since we started in 2013...


1. William Poyer - Fell The Truth

2. Mara Simpson - What I Would Give

3. Luke Carey - God Might Forgive In A Day

4. Chisara Agor - Seasons

5. Wednesday’s Wolves - Bare Bones                     

6. Connor James - 4am                                            

7. Ralph Taylor & Alexia Chambi - Virtual Reality

8. Lewis Bootle - Price Of It All

9. Chris Belson - Without You Again 

Released November 2016

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