Newcomer Sody combines soul-stirring pop with her emotionally sincere lyrics to create a sound exceeding her age. In 2017, Sody began to take her listeners on a relatable journey with her self-releases ‘Let Go’ and ‘Wasted Youth’, where she explored the everyday issues of a teenager. She continues this journey the day after her 18th birthday with the release of her new single ‘Maybe it was Me’.

Sody’s soulful vocals are at the forefront of this single, which she delivers in a raw and honest way. She explores the aftermath of a breakup; internally battling whom to blame for the isolated tribulation she is experiencing in the now. Sody states, “maybe it was us, so helpless and young, or maybe everything was all my fault”, showing that, on reflection, she is confused as to how the relationship had ended - something most teenagers can empathise with.

Sody’s creative songwriting ability is also shown with her relatively simple track. She uses atmospheric synths and soft piano chords to empathise the loneliness she is feeling after her breakup. This is what makes her sound far more advanced than most other artists her age, using music in a way that creates a space to explore her deepest emotions. To develop this maturity further, Sody does not share every single element of her life on her social media, self-empowering her music, as well as maintaining an emotional connection with her listeners.

If you have not had an opportunity to see her perform, she is touring with Tom Walker throughout October. As well as this, she is also visiting various schools around the country, giving motivational talks and exclusive performances. So watch this space!

You can check her up coming tour dates in the link below, and new single ‘Maybe it was Me’.