Inspiring their listeners to dream through their music, Wild Nothing, have used their rich, brooding sound to good effect since forming in Blacksburg, Virginia in 2009.

Co-produced by Jorge Elbrecht, new album Indigo creates a huge sense of nostalgia with its continual longing for romantic love. Aspirational, yet always accessible, the lyrics are not necessarily vividly articulated, but sincere and subversive. Lead singer Jack Tatum’s vocals are genuine and impassioned, taking his listeners on a journey through a timeless narrative of emotionally rich romantic torment. His words contain vast amounts of detail that creates a vivid world with enough depth for his listeners to step into and explore. Tatum’s love narrative is specific while exploring the highs of a relationship, however, his lyrics are more passive in singles such as ‘Through Windows’ and ‘Shallow Water’, grounded in a reality that describes the more negative aspects of a relationship.

Wild Nothing complement Tatum’s impassioned vocals with heavy reverb and rich melodies, demonstrating their 80s influences, as can be seen in the retro and atmospheric guitar led introduction to the single ‘Oscillation’. Tatum stated that the 80s were “timeless” and hopes the new album holds the same status in future years.

The band are on tour around America between October and November, but I’m sure it will not be long until they tour Europe and the UK.

By Francesca Barnes