Following his beginnings as bassist in mid-1990's Death Metal band Twenty Third Chapter, Austin Lucas launches his solo career following a tumultuous period in his life; supporting his wife through her battle with cancer and his own personal struggle with sobriety and depression. His new album, Immortal Americans, is a reflection upon the changes to his hometown of Bloomington, as well as himself after this dark period.

Most of Immortal Americans was written with the help of his father and sister in their family home in Ohio, and his family’s help with both the recording of the album and on a personal level has enabled Lucas to unearth and explore his journey of self-discovery. He uses the album to describe the feeling of being an outsider in their hometown; a common feeling amongst small town America where many feel unable to fit in with their communities and suffer from 'bullying, segregation and isolation'. However, this album is not about the dark side of life; Immortal Americans is about finding light in the darkness, in the search for a better life.

The sharp and emotional lyrics are combined with his metal roots, creating a unique blend of folk/country/rock. This is key to making the stripped-back heartland rock songs of the album have such a drastic influence upon its listeners. The genre of the album is a perfect reflection of the chaos from an outsiders’ life, with the hope of a better future. Lucas said that his music “goes out to the most marginalised and 'at-risk' human beings who live in our country, all the people who live on the outside of mainstream society and have to fight everyday for their identities and for their existence – because those are the true immortal Americans”. Immortal, as no matter how hard life gets, they never give in and continue to live life as best they can.

Once his listeners realise that these feelings of being an outsider are so common amongst most Americans, their mutual experiences will create a sense of community. By making people feel less isolated in their experience as an outsider, it becomes easier to cope with the emotional upheaval caused from the isolation. The hopeful overtone of the album will make those from all backgrounds reflect on the positives within their lives, so essential in maintaining happiness.

To experience this emotional roller coaster, have a listen to the album below...

By Francesca Barnes