It’s Alright is the uplifting debut single from the very talented and beautifully

creative Australian/British duo HUX!

Lead singer and guitarist, Jorj Huxtable, and Patrick Keating, on backing vocals and lead guitar, are the brilliant brains behind this fresh sounding duo, and their inspiration stems from various sources, blending blues, soul, rock and pop, all evident in their brand new single.

It’s Alright describes the feelings of a reunion with a romantic partner after being separated, but focuses in on the positives of the present. It begins with a strong acoustic rhythm and dynamic harmonies, capturing listeners right from the start!

HUX have recently come back from recording in Cornwall, with live session videos soon to be released. We’re expecting big things from these two, excited to hear what comes next.

Check out their videos here:

Here’s a link to the single:

By Francesca Barnes