Chicago-based Gia Margaret has been playing classical and composing music since before she can remember. Her hard work over the past nine years, learning how to play the guitar as well as an emphasis on her songwriting, has allowed her to develop from bedroom covers to releasing her first debut album: There’s Always Glimmer.

This album provides a hopeful outlook on a lingering absence that is the result of a devastating breakup. This collection of starry ballads combines various different musical genres, including folk and trip-hop, to comprise Margaret’s very own signature style of “Sleep-rock”. The gentle mid-tempo of the entire album carries Margaret’s listeners through her mourning of the rituals of her past life that she cannot share with her partner anymore.

Margaret’s cleverly crafted lyrics create a gentle, yet inescapable feeling that analyses the space left after a loved one departs. She evokes how personal meanings and relationships are attached to everyday objects that do not change after that partner leaves your life. Instead, Margaret explores how these physical objects become defined through an absence of space, specifically in Birthday and Groceries. The out-of-focus reality behind the album’s devastatingly compelling lyrics, allow Margaret to shape the chaos of her heartbreak into something tangible, adding a hint of optimism to her sense of loss.

This hopeful underlying message is contrasted with her timid vocals that rarely raise beyond a whisper. By doing so, the experience of the album is more personal, almost secretive, suggesting that There’s Always a Glimmer is a personal album about escaping reality, not emulating it. Her hypnotic delivery reveals Margaret’s ability to carry her listeners willingly through her journey to accepting the loss of her loved one.

Margaret’s songwriting has also been said to help her with issues surrounding her insomnia, or as she likes to put it: the “turn to midnight with headphones on”. This adds another deep emotional layer to her lyrics, suggesting that this album is a means of snoozing reality until the next morning. By doing so, Margaret is able to make a sense of incompleteness feel more complete and natural, as opposed to something negative and life destroying.

The album is available to purchase here:

And you can have a listen to the whole of There’s Always Glimmer below..

By Francesca Barnes