I’ve been following Flo Morrissey’s haunting voice and beautiful lyrics since the early days when her Facebook likes were in the hundreds as opposed to thousands - definitely worth checking out some of her earlier original tracks!

And now this London singer-songwriter has teamed up with Virginia-based Matthew E. White to create a wonderfully eclectic catalogue of covers that together they have expertly twisted into their own.

They manage to avoid too much conversation-like vocal interaction, which can often become tedious in an album full of duet of this nature, with a few of the songs even seeming more like a solo performance with the other simply providing an early background distortion.

The covers include such stunning classics as Leonard Cohen’s ‘Suzanne’ and The Velvet Underground’s ‘Sunday Morning’ - the duo’s ethereal voices blend perfectly to create versions of these song that are far enough removed from the originals to prevent them being pitted against one another; merely enhancing your appreciation for both.

Written by Cecy Bellard