Caggie Dunlop’s rise from reality TV star to entrepreneur has now extended to singer-songwriter, with the release of new single Thinking About You.

Living between London and Los Angeles, Dunlop has been able to focus on her music, developing her self-confidence and style, and has beautifully devised this track from a painful heartbreak, which this single reflects on.

Her voice is vulnerable yet sincere, which connects with her listeners and takes them by hand along her emotional journey of her post-relationship life.  Thinking About You begins with a playful tone before leading into a sense of nostalgia where Dunlop begins directing her lyrics to her ex-partner, showing the influence he still has on her. However, her soft and intimate vocals create a sense of reassurance that she is now in a state of calm, and moving on from her past. The song’s lyrics compliment her serene melody, suggesting that after the breakup, her ex-partner quickly became her muse.

Thinking About You is Dunlop’s second single release, which will be followed by an EP release next month! Shortly after this and the end of summer, Dunlop will be touring around the UK, so keep your eyes peeled for dates!

By Francesca Barnes

Listen to Thinking About You here: