Blithe Saxon moved to London as a 16-year-old from her hometown of Rugby and has been developing her musical style ever since; adding a suburban twist on the pop sound. Blithe uses her self-depreciation and energy to create songs that match her ambitions of creating a debut EP with a sound that channels “a dark past, sex and heartbreak”. Her first single Mission reveals Blithe’s hopes to live a life free from traditions and rules, stating “I’ll do the things I shouldn’t, that’s my mission”.

Blithe’s delivery of the lyrics make the song sound playful but sincere. To complement her playful delivery, Blithe’s music plays alongside her vocals in a whimsical way. The guitar picking at the beginning of the song mimics the action of crawling as the chorus approaches. Blithe’s creative imagination helps her stand out from mainstream pop, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for her debut EP, coming soon!

Check out her Single below!

By Francesca Barnes